Ingenieurkontor Guhde GmbH

Process Optimization

Organization Development
Clear and reproducible enterprise processes and work flows are crucial for an efficient functioning and consequently the economic success of enterprises. Ingenieurkontor Guhde offers the creation, documentation, implementation, training and sustainable supervision as well as the optimization of enterprise work flows.

Project Assistance / Work Group Facilitation
Based on systematic and approved methods of project management Ingenieurkontor Guhde leads work groups targeted through project processes, e.g. focus definition > measurements > analyse > solution > implementation > check. Due to a tight consulting network, this process can be combined with other tools like time management, communication, staff management etc.

Strategy Concepts
The success mainly of small size companies is strongly dependant of definition and consequent realization of strategies e.g. for sales & marketing, staff, cost control and reduction, development, procurement, investments, ERP deployment. Ingenieurkontor Guhde delivers valuable support with development and deployment of strategies.

Company Organization / Efficiency Improvement
Based on many years of specific experience and education Ingenieurkontor Guhde offers analyse of manufacturing work flows and times to present suggestions for improvements of manufacturing organization, work flow efficiency and reduction of manufacturing and procurement cost.